Exedo - Webdesign Bleiswijk



During the orientation meeting, we tell you who we are and make us an impression of your company / organization. We'd love to hear your ideas in the field of design and functionality. We look at the possibilities and what is important for your situation. When developing your website, we take into account the visibility of your business in order to achieve an optimal result.


Once your needs are known to us, we make an offer. It contains the one-off costs for developing the website, additional options such as text editing or photography and the annual fee for hosting.

Graphic design

Once you accept the quote, we are going to work with the design of your website. In this phase, the concept into a design that suits your branding all the desired functionalities. For a good design is crucial - to devise a practical menu structure -. Together with you The result of this phase is a beautiful web design.

Technical development

Only after the design has been approved we get started with the construction of the site. In a test environment, the website is built according to the design made​​. And, if possible, provide texts and pictures. You will have the credentials to manage your own website. The result is shown on a temporary web address.


Through search engine optimization (SEO), we ensure that your website gets listed in the search results properly. We also provide a hidden sitemap so Google can see what pages are updated. We link your website to various services for analysis and of course for your business listing on Google.


If the website is final, it will be put on the desired domain names through our own servers online. We check any old web pages in search engine and rewrite it to the new location. After this we start an online advertising campaign to give the website an extra boost.